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During 2015–16 we identified four priority areas that we believe will enhance Comcare’s culture. These priority areas are:

  • being trusted, empowered and accountable—staff are supported in what they do, take responsibility for their work and actions, and have the authority required to do their job

  • having commitment and focus—Comcare is clear on purpose, outcomes and measurements, which staff can clearly link to their activities

  • being collaborative—supporting early collaboration with others (internally and externally), sharing information where appropriate, working together towards shared outcomes and benefits, and effectively communicating

  • being a learning organisation—Comcare takes a risk and evidence based approach to innovation, and encourages staff to ask questions, learn from mistakes and share these learnings.

A series of focus groups have been held with staff from across Comcare and the results of these focus groups will be used to develop strategies to ensure that these values are communicated and supported throughout the organisation.

Our employees uphold and promote the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. Within this context Comcare will be an organisation that is:

  • connected—with clear corporate strategic directions and priorities that we all work towards

  • collaborative—working alongside the Department of Employment, the SRCC, employers and employees to ensure healthy, safe and productive workplaces

  • ethical—with commitment at all levels to integrity and good governance and responsible stewardship of sensitive personal and business information

  • smart and innovative—where our diverse professional skills, knowledge and business analytics are applied to deliver cutting edge solutions

  • open and transparent in our business dealings—with a commitment to measuring and benchmarking our performance

  • adaptable—with a commitment to being a learning organisation and developing our capability to support corporate directions and priorities

  • influential—with deep engagement in thinking and communicating about workplace health and safety at national and international levels

  • purposeful—with individuals proactive and empowered to contribute to the corporate purposes

  • professional—where we respond and deliver to a high standard.

Our People Plan and Digital Strategy are key to ensuring that our capability matches our business objectives.

People Plan

The People Plan outlines our people strategies and links them to our organisational objectives. This plan is overseen by the People Committee and aims to bring together the key elements of a high performing organisation, with a focus on:

  • leadership

  • capability

  • cohesiveness

  • health and safety

  • innovation.

The People Plan was revised in 2015–16 and focuses on creating a high performing organisation which is an employer of choice. Plan implementation will be a collaborative effort with partnerships across Comcare.

Comcare is committed to the principles of equity and diversity, ensuring that all Australians have access to Comcare’s services and programs, and that the workforce is representative of the broader Australian community. Our Diversity Champion leads the delivery of our diversity initiatives, including the Reconciliation Action Plan and Accessibility Action Plan.

Comcare recognises the importance of a capable workforce and creating an environment for our people to develop capability and excel in their jobs. To do this we have a Performance Development Framework that supports learning and is the key tool we use to encourage high performance from our people. The framework assists us to deliver on Comcare’s purposes, and address early any instances of underperformance. It includes a reward and recognition program to actively recognise and reward the achievements of our people.

Digital Transformation Strategy

The Digital Transformation Strategy is a program of digital transformation for Comcare. Implementation over five years will:

  • encourage and support clients to interact with Comcare via secure user friendly digital services

  • transition the organisation from paper based to digital ways of working, with use of paper by exception only before 2020

  • support the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office commitment that all major transactions with clients can be completed digitally online by 2017

  • decrease Comcare’s operating costs by reducing productivity impacts resulting from current constraints in data management, processing and core systems

  • enable Comcare to meet the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard

  • ensure Comcare’s digital information services comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 endorsed by the Australian Government.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016