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Risk Management

Comcare’s Risk Management Framework (the Framework) improves Comcare’s ability to monitor the risks to its purposes, and track the implementation of the controls put in place to manage risks. Quarterly reporting to the Executive Committee ensures the currency of the Framework in action.

We will continue to review and enhance the Framework to ensure that:

  • it is aligned with organisational activities and intended results

  • it is an integrated aspect of our business processes

  • we effectively engage with our stakeholders in relation to shared risks

  • we have appropriate and effective mechanisms to communicate and escalate risk information

  • there is a sound, articulated framework of accountability, responsibility and delegation for managing risk

  • management of risk is central to our priority setting.

To achieve this we will:

  • deliver training to Comcare employees responsible for identifying and managing risks

  • establish a Risk Management Network to support Comcare employees in identifying and managing risks

  • identify and evaluate options to enhance system support for risk management.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016