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The delivery of our purposes and strategic focus requires us to be innovative and lead the effort in minimising the impact of harm in workplaces. We achieve this through alignment of business, financial and workforce planning that informs the organisation’s strategic and operational needs for the period of this corporate plan (2017 to 2021) and beyond.

To operate in a diverse and continuously changing environment, we invest in enhancing two key organisational capabilities—our human capital and technology strategy. Our success is contingent on the recognition and development of the skills, knowledge and experience of Comcare employees, and expanding the use of technology for improved service delivery.


The Comcare People Plan is the enabling document that outlines the internal strategies and initiatives to be undertaken to support Comcare’s business operating model. The People Plan focuses on creating a high performing organisation that is an employer of choice. Plan implementation is a collaborative effort with a focus on five key elements:

  • Leadership—ensuring everyone in Comcare models leadership behaviours that drive and facilitate high performance.
  • Capability—enabling all our employees to have the capability and capacity to deliver organisational objectives, now and in the future.
  • Cohesiveness—engaging all of our employees to participate in creating a collaborative workplace culture.
  • Health and safety—promoting Comcare as a leader and role model in WHS behaviours, systems and practices.
  • Innovation—encouraging our employees to be adaptable and engage in building an innovative workplace.

Comcare is committed to the principles of equity and diversity, ensuring that all Australians have access to Comcare’s services and programs, and that the workforce is representative of the broader Australian community. The People Plan includes the Reconciliation Action Plan and Accessibility Action Plan, which supports the improved diversity of Comcare’s workforce. Comcare values the experiences and contributions made by all of our employees. We believe that embracing diversity enables us to provide a better service to all of our stakeholders.

Over the coming years, Comcare will be further strengthening our:

  • Leadership capability—this will empower our current and future leaders to set expectations and model behaviours that enhance Comcare’s culture.
  • Data management, analysis and interpretation—this critical area underpins our evidence-based approach to our work. A whole-of-organisation plan is in place to improve governance, systems and capability in data management.
  • Communication—focusing on the delivery of key messages, engaging with stakeholders, and developing written communication capability across the organisation.

The People Plan and each of its elements are designed to reflect the needs of the business and ensure that services, such as recruitment, learning and development, and people policy enable Comcare to meet its overall objectives. Workforce Planning meetings are held quarterly to review capability requirements and monitor how they are changing over time.

Technology and information management

In 2015, Comcare developed and began implementation of its Digital Strategy. The Strategy is focused on improving our client services and optimising our digital work environment. It aligns our commitment to ensuring we meet the Australian Government's digital transformation agenda and the Digital Continuity 2020 policy.

Over the course of 2016–17, the Strategy has completed a number of projects, including the introduction of online forms that replace paper-based forms, and the roll out of new software for our legal and regulatory teams.

For Comcare to be a ‘digital first’ business, we are focused on ensuring we have a clear and comprehensive enterprise architecture covering all four architecture domains:

  • business
  • data
  • application
  • infrastructure.

Processes and systems in each of these areas will be enhanced, added or removed as deemed necessary after thorough analysis has been completed with the process and system owners and users.

Over the next five years this will:

  • encourage and support client interaction with Comcare via secure, user-friendly digital services
  • transition the organisation from paper based to digital ways of working, with use of paper ‘by exception only’ before 2020
  • support the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office commitment that all major transactions with our stakeholders can be completed digitally online
  • decrease Comcare’s operating costs by enhancing our data management, processing and core systems
  • enable Comcare to meet the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard
  • ensure Comcare’s digital information services comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 endorsed by the Australian Government.

The Digital Strategy has a number of initiatives that support Comcare’s four purposes over the life of this Corporate Plan (2017 to 2021).

Purpose 1: Leading insurer

Several projects are underway to continue to build and improve our online customer service and claims management processes. The strategy continually supports new ways of working towards our claims management outcome targets.

Purpose 2: National regulator

Service Delivery Reform has been introduced to our regulatory operations to better align and optimise information and communications technology software to business functions. This is a phase within the greater Regulatory Reform Project, working towards increasing regulated entities engagement and satisfaction through national consistency in service delivery.

Purpose 3: Excellence in scheme management and design

To achieve excellence in scheme management and design, we constantly use our data to assess and inform the scheme’s performance. Current projects include the Data Improvement Plan which aims to improve the governance, processes and systems for managing data in Comcare to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of data storage, use and analysis.

Purpose 4: Efficient and effective operations

We are digitising our corporate service delivery, moving paper-based processes to digital and streamlining access to corporate services through automation and digital work flow processes.

To continually optimise the efficiency and effective operations of Comcare, Technology and Information Management is working with all business areas to:

  • update the foundation technology platforms through the technology’s Asset Lifecycle Replacement Plan and Comcare’s standard operating environment upgrade. Delivering a more modern, effective and secure platforms to its employees.
  • enhance Comcare’s web presence with ongoing content review, improved accessibility and a project for a new content management system. This work will provide a modern and agile platform that will enhance interactions between Comcare and its customers.
  • implement the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy supporting the expansion of our digital information practices, optimising the delivery of Comcare’s programs and services.
Page last updated: 17 Jul 2017