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Access First

Accessibility and this report

Comcare is committed to ensuring information published in the interactive annual report is accessible and usable to people of all abilities.

Comcare ensures when designing our annual report, that it displays and functions in multiple browsers. We have optimized our graphics and download to ensure bandwidth times are optimised for those people in rural or remote areas. All images feature alternative text and all animations have alternative captions.

Key features and advantages:

•    Easy on-screen navigation and readability
•    Display table of contents and access information
•    Adjustable page size for easy on-screen viewing
•    Key word search facility within the report
•    Download report as a PDF for viewing at a later time
•    Share the report with others

Comcare has committed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0 (double AA) compliance across the 2010-2011 Annual report as part of the National Accessibility Strategy.

Access Bar- (Access FIRST)

Comcare has designed Access First to give you direct access to tools designed for accessibility whilst you are using the site. Readers can choose how they would like to interact with the content and experience a faster viewing experience.

Adjust the contrast to high contrast. Increase and decrease your text size with one click. You can choose your section. Click read speaker and listen to it. Or perhaps use the share function and connect to social media tools such as Twitter.

Access First toolbar


The 2010-2011 Annual report features ReadSpeaker® - a family of online text to speech solutions that speech-enables Comcare’s annual report 2010-2011 for the benefit of people who would like to listen instead of (or as well as) read.

ReadSpeaker® is built with usability, accessibility and device independency in mind to provide maximum access not only from PCs but also from iPhones and other smartphones including BlackBerry and Android powered phones, iPads, MP3 playing devices, PDAs, Video game consoles, Interactive Internet TVs and Internet booths and kiosks.

Alternate formats

Comcare has published a copy of the annual report 2010-2011 as PDF with an RTF version. The html version has been crossed checked to ensure consistency with the printed copy.


Comcare’s website is optimised for Microsoft Explorer 7, and Mozilla Firefox up to version 6.0.

We make every effort to ensure our pages render in other available browsers such as Opera and Safari as well as mobile devices such as iPad's.

Font colours/sizes

Comcare has developed a specific high contrast style sheet designed for those people with low vision. Low-vision users can control font size and contrast settings using the access bar:

•    Click on the contrast icon to view the page in high contrast.
•    Click on the text button on the access bar and select + or – to increase and decrease the text 

Page structure & links

The pages follow a logical order whereby Heading 2 is the title of the page and Heading 3 is used for subtitles.

Links in text content follow the color standard determined by W3C.

• links are blue
• visited links are aqua bright blue
• hover links are deep red

Our external links open in a new tab (Firefox, Opera, IExplorer 8.x) or in a window (IExplorer 7 or lower & others).

Printing pages

This site has no separate HTML-pages for printing. Instead, a print friendly version will be sent directly to the printer. The printed result will omit all irrelevant elements on the page. Text prints in black.