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Working with Comcover

Early in 2011 discussions began between Comcare and Comcover on how the two agencies could work together to deliver complementary information and advice to public sector workplaces and leaders.

One of the significant issues that was raised in these discussions was the connection that can exist between workplace psychological injury and poor employment practice.

Our first joint venture was a co-hosted conference on 22 June 2011 at the National Gallery of Australia. The theme of the conference was Productivity Through People—the benefits of adopting an integrated approach to managing risk. Over 200 delegates registered for the event with topics including managing the risk of the psychological impact of poor employment practices and issues around an ageing workforce and work ability.

All delegates were satisfied with the event:

“It provided me with several revelations and another piece to the puzzle.”

“Interesting to hear from Comcare and Comcover as my primary role is Comcover.”

“Good spread of topics, very interesting and informative.”

Comcare and Comcover are now working together on a number of other initiatives, including future joint events and targeted publications.