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In this section:

Report on Comcare’s performance in relation to the outcome and outputs framework described in the 2010–11 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS).

Comcare established Project Service Excellence (PSE) to align the service delivery model that includes segmentation of claims, improved workflow and decision support improvements to the structure of the Recovery and Support Group.

The three sections of this part reflect the following outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Protection of the health, safety and welfare at work of workers covered by the Comcare scheme through education, assurance and enforcement.
  • Outcome 2: Early and safe return to work as well as access to compensation for injured workers covered by the Comcare scheme—working in partnership with employers to create best practice in rehabilitation and quick and accurate management of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Outcome 3: Access to compensation for people with asbestos-related diseases where the Commonwealth has a liability through management of claims.