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Management & accountability

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Details on internal and external scrutiny, Comcare’s corporate governance framework, human resources and business capability.

Comcare aims for excellence in its governance to promote public trust and confidence. During 2010–11 Comcare completed a comprehensive review of its governance framework.
In 2010–11 Comcare was not subject to any review by the ANAO other than that required for forming an opinion on Comcare’s financial statements and the Seacare Authority’s financial statements.
Comcare has 670 employees (as at 30 June 2011) located across Australia.Comcare embraces the diversity of its workforce. Our workforce reflects the diverse Australian community.
Comcare places a high priority on workplace health and safety. Comcare’s 2015 Plan reflects the Australian Government’s policies in federal workplaces, in particular for Comcare employees.
Employers are financially accountable for the cost of work-related injury and disease through the payment of an annual premium.