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Strategic planning

Comcare aims for excellence in its governance to promote public trust and confidence. During 2010–11 Comcare completed a comprehensive review of its governance framework.

Comcare's governance framework

Comcare’s governance arrangements include both internal and external forums. The internal forums assist Comcare’s leaders to monitor and evaluate performance, to ensure resources are responsibly used and to provide oversight to compliance and the appropriate management of risk.

Comcare hosts a number of external forums for consultation and reporting on its programs and service delivery. Comcare people also participate in a range of external meetings and forums to provide expert advice or gain insight and perspective.

Comcare’s governance framework explains how its delivery of services and programs conforms to legal requirements, delivers on its statutory charters and meets community expectations.

Comcare has adopted the governance principles and better practices recommended by the ANAO. The key principles include:

  • accountability—answering for decisions by having meaningful mechanisms that ensure our standards are adhered to
  • transparency and openness—having defined roles and responsibilities with clear procedures for decision making and the use of power
  • integrity—acting impartially, ethically and in the interests of the agency, and not misusing information acquired through a position of trust
  • stewardship—using every opportunity to enhance the value of public assets and institutions that have been entrusted to our care
  • efficiency—using resources appropriately to further the aims of the organisation with a commitment to evidence based strategies for improvement
  • leadership—achieving an agency wide commitment to good governance through leadership from the top.

During 2010–11 Comcare commenced work on delivering its five-year strategic plan—the Comcare 2015 Plan.

Group-level business plans were developed with a focus on the 2015 Plan’s strategic pillars of:

  • healthy at work, safe at work—focusing on preventing harm in the workplace
  • back at work—supporting workers when they are injured
  • scheme at work—ensuring a sustainable, high-performing Comcare.

Organisational business change activities and projects were aligned with relevant strategic priorities, and underpinned by the themes of innovation, collaboration and impact. The business planning process also incorporated an outcomes-focused planning technique, as well as key performance indicators, which helped to capture the rationale for Comcare’s activities and projects.