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People are our business

Comcare has 670 employees (as at 30 June 2011) located across Australia.

Staffing profile

Comcare embraces the diversity of its workforce. Our workforce reflects the diverse Australian community and helps us through:

  • increased capacity for innovation—a diverse workforce with a range of different backgrounds and perspectives gives Comcare a broader range of ideas and insights from which to draw
  • improved service—a workplace that reflects the community it serves will better understand and be able to communicate more effectively with people
  • increased productivity—an organisation that values and capitalises on employee diversity can be a more productive and fulfilling workplace, which is an important factor in attracting, developing and retaining high quality employees in a competitive environment.

Table 5: Equal employment opportunity data

EEO group Comcare 30 June 2011 % APS %
Proportion of female employees 62.2% 57.7%
Female executive level employees 51.3% 45.5%
Female SES employees 57.1% 37.1%
Indigenous Australians 0.4% 2.2%
People with a disability 2.1% 3.1%
Non-English speaking background 8.7% 6.3%

Comcare's Diversity Program 2009—2013 reinforces the benefits of understanding and encouraging differences in perspectives, backgrounds and ideas to enhance the quality and outcomes of our work.

Comcare's Diversity Program is complemented by the Comcare Reconciliation Action Plan 2009—2012 (RAP).Comcare's RAP is registered with Reconciliation Australia and demonstrates its contribution towards the national effort to close the 17-year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Comcare's RAP aims to contribute to creating a fairer society and to develop a workforce that is more representative of the community in which we operate. Comcare currently has a number of workplace diversity initiatives in place or in the development phase. These include:

  • workplace diversity program
  • prevention of bullying and harassment policy and guidelines
  • workplace equity and diversity modules within the corporate induction
  • celebration of NAIDOC week paid cultural leave for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander employees
  • membership of the Australian Employers Network on Disability.

Figure 4: Comcare gender by classification as at 30 June 2011

Figure 4: Comcare gender by classification as at 30 June 2011 

Figure 5: Comcare gender by age range as at 30 June 2011

Figure 5: Comcare gender by age range as at 30 June 2011