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Key Training and Development Strategies

Developing capability was a key objective for Comcare during 2010–11.

The Comcare induction program was reviewed for the delivery of each section in order to enhance the learning experience and to engage participants. The format now consists of a two-day, face-to-face program supplemented by online modules dealing with essential information and knowledge for new employees.

The Comcare leadership program was expanded and a modular program developed to enhance the management and leadership skills of emerging leaders. Development plans are targeted with their major focus on helping employees to ‘be the best they can be’.

Comcare has developed and implemented accredited learning pathways for employees. Competency-based training is offered to employees working in key business areas and new programs were added targeting specific skills such as performance management, customer service, change management and manual handling.

Courses have been developed and offered internally as well as through external consultants, in order to obtain the best value for money, just-in-time training and development.