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Managing Performance

The Comcare performance and development framework (PDF) has been designed to improve organisational performance by linking and aligning individual, team and organisational objectives and results. It provides the basis for ongoing discussion and feedback between employees and their line managers. It also provides a fair and equitable way to recognise and reward those who achieve or improve on expected results, and assists in the management of cases where performance expectations are not being met.

Comcare’s PDF:

  • provides clarity to employees about what is expected of them in their job
  • recognises and rewards employees for their performance and achievements on the job through access to accelerated movement through increment pay points
  • provides a structured basis for managing any identified under-performance
  • provides a plan to meet the learning and development needs of employees.

All Comcare employees are covered by the PDF and are required to have a current individual action plan (IAP). Participation in the IAP process assists in:

  • improving communication and clarifying expectations between managers/team leaders and employees
  • improving understanding of employees’ responsibilities and the expected performance standards
  • clarifying the level of support the manager will provide to help the employee achieve the expected outcomes
  • providing employees with feedback on their performance and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback to their managers
  • providing opportunities for employees and their managers to jointly identify learning and development needs.

In the coming year, Comcare has committed to revise its PDF. The current participants in our leadership development program Pathways to Leadership will review and make recommendations based on research of best practice for performance development frameworks.