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Remuneration, Reward and Recognition

Renumeration and conditions of service

Comcare’s Enterprise Agreement 2010–11 is the principal instrument that sets out terms and conditions of employment for non-SES employees and nominally expires on 30 June 2011. Negotiations are continuing for a new three-year agreement. The terms and conditions of employment of SES employees in Comcare are determined by the CEO, based on individual capability and job requirements. These determinations are made under section 24(1) of the Public Service Act 1999 (Public Service Act).

Reward and recognition

Reward and recognition initiatives aim to recognise and reward the achievements of teams and individuals within Comcare and support ongoing and informal recognition between colleagues. The reward and recognition policy reflects Comcare’s culture of demonstrating appreciation and recognition for the contributions made by employees at all levels and in all areas of the agency.

This policy provides a framework within which to:

  • encourage greater teamwork, cooperation and pride in our organisation
  • promote innovative thinking and initiative
  • motivate people to continue to make such contributions
  • support the building of a performance based culture
  • commemorate the achievement of significant service to Comcare or the APS.

The Comcare reward and recognition policy provides for three tiers of reward:

  • formal award program: Australia Day Awards
  • informal awards such as certificates of recognition, team morning teas
  • time-in-service recognition.

Australia Day Awards

In 2010, Comcare revised the Australia Day Award categories to align with the Plan, using the award categories of ‘Impact, Innovation and Collaboration’. Introduction of a new electronic nomination system saw a record number of peer nominations across Comcare which were short listed by Comcare’s Reward and Recognition Committee and the Comcare Executive.

In January 2011, Comcare celebrated Australia Day in all offices. Comcare’s CEO Paul O’Connor presented formal Australia Day Awards to the following 12 recipients:

Comcare 2011 Australia Day Awards
   Paul O’Connor, Comcare CEO handing out the
   Comcare 2011 Australia Day Awards
  • Tony Vincent—Innovation Award: implementing a new initiative to increase efficiency and offer an additional safety measure for Comcare employees
  • Emma Pollard—Collaboration Award: ability to develop collaborative internal and external relationships for Comcare
  • Simon Cooke, Steve Brown and Katrina Patane—Collaboration Award: outstanding work on the 2010–2011 Enterprise Agreement.
  • Alice Chan—Impact Award: dedication and sustained high effort in the Finance Team
  • Andrew Douglas—Impact Award: dedication to achieve business improvements
  • Shane Fletcher—Impact Award: consistently delivering positive results and outcomes for Comcare
  • Karen Gibbons—Impact Award: dedication and commitment to providing the highest standard in customer service to Comcare stakeholders
  • Kellie Huth—Impact Award: consistently delivering positive results and outcomes for Comcare
  • Astrid Jeffress—Impact Award: achieving exceptional and high quality outcomes for Comcare
  • Emma White—Impact Award: exemplifying social inclusion in the workplace and outstanding leadership.

Figure 6: Comcare classification structure as at 30 June 2011


Table 6: Count of location as at 30 June 2011 (ongoing and non-ongoing employees)

Non-ongoing Ongoing Total
ACT 45 437 482
NSW 1 32 33
QLD 0 13 13
SA 2 8 10
VIC 23 98 121
WA 1 10 11
Total 72 598


Table 7: Employee profile and remuneration

Individual determinations Collective agreement Total Minimum salary Maximum salary
7 $162 338 $186 308
Executive Level 2 (or equivalent):
49 49 $110 980 $149 350
Executive Level 1 (or equivalent):
150 150 $88 707 $113 437
APS Level 6 (or equivalent):
145 145 $71 723 $84 605
APS Level 5 (or equivalent):
101 101 $64 352 $69 037
APS Level 4 (or equivalent):
116 116 $57 067 $62 412
APS Level 3 (or equivalent):
64 64 $50 964 $55 322
APS Level 2 (or equivalent):
36 36 $44 867 $49 683
APS Level 1 (or equivalent):
1 1 $39 929 $43 675
Total 7 662 670* (includes CEO)

* SES employees are not covered by the Comcare Enterprise Agreement 2010–11, these employees are covered by determinations made under section 24(1) of the Public Service Act.