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Workforce Planning

Comcare has implemented comprehensive workforce planning to ensure people planning and business objectives are linked. The People & Place Team are responsible for conducting annual organisational Workforce Planning in line with Comcare’s Strategic Plan 2010–2015 (2015 Plan)—workforce planning to develop the right mix, depth and quality of skills and mindsets.

Throughout 2010–11 human resources (HR) have worked with managers to better understand operational workforce issues. This has included facilitated Workforce Planning sessions with all teams across Comcare to ensure that Comcare has the right workforce and effective development strategies to achieve business outcomes and the deliver on the priorities of the 2015 Plan.

HR strategies have produced significant improvements and had a positive impact on Comcare’s overall business performance and outcomes.

This has included:

  • streamlining recruitment processes (average time to fill has been reduced by six days since 2008–09)
  • maintaining employment levels within budgeted thresholds (+/– 5 per cent)
  • supporting the 2015 Strategic Planning Team to implement a new organisational structure aligned to service delivery
  • promoting flexible work arrangements utilising part-time provisions.