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Work health and safety

Executive commitment, OHS management structure

Comcare places a high priority on workplace health and safety. Comcare’s 2015 Plan reflects the Australian Government’s policies in federal workplaces, in particular for Comcare employees.

  • The protection of the health, safety and welfare at work of workers.
  • An early and safe return to work and access to compensation for injured workers.

Comcare demonstrates the commitment to the health and safety of Comcare employees by:

  • managing workplace health and safety through a fully operational and effective OHS Management System (OHSMS)
  • ensuring that all Comcare employees understand how our OHSMS ‘Sign On’ works and their role in making it work
  • developing a culture which embraces health and safety in everything we do at work.

Sign On is Comcare’s OHSMS, designed specifically for employees’ access to OHS information. It includes links to incident reporting, OHS contacts, all relevant OHS policies and procedures and also Comcare’s risk register.

Sign On also includes a range of OHS tools which can be used to learn about risks in the workplace and ways to minimise those OHS risks.

Comcare encourages an internal culture of personal accountability which empowers employees to take responsibility for their own health and safety and the health and safety of their colleagues.

Comcare has a dedicated team able to support the development of a safe work culture. The Workplace Health Unit aims to eliminate or reduce the risk to employees’ health and safety through implementing primary, secondary and tertiary interventions. This involves a wide range of initiatives, from early intervention activities (such as workstation assessments and the health and wellbeing program) to following up internal OHS incidents and managing return to work rehabilitation programs.

Comcare’s senior management demonstrates leadership and a commitment to workplace health and safety through Comcare’s Health and Safety Management Arrangements and through:

  • executive membership and participation in Comcare’s health and safety committees
  • resourcing health and wellbeing programs designed to assist Comcare employees wellbeing
  • including OHS as an agenda item in all team meetings throughout Comcare
  • actively participating in discussions with employee and health and safety representatives (HSRs) about any workplace concerns/issues identified by employees
  • including OHS on all employees’ IAPs making everyone in the organisation accountable
  • providing resources for HSRs, First Aid Officers, Harassment Contact Officers and Emergency Wardens to carry out their roles within the workplace.

Comcare continues to work towards supporting its managers and employees by regularly sharing information, offering training and developing appropriate tools, work practices and values within teams to ensure health, safety and positive attendance.

The National Health and Safety Committee (NHSC) is a joint management and employee strategic committee formed to enable and encourage consultation on OHS matters affecting Comcare’s employees and operations. The objective of the committee is to promote an environment where Comcare and its employees work cooperatively to ensure the health and safety of employees at work.

The NHSC’s function is to assist Comcare to develop, implement and review measures designed to protect the health and safety at work of Comcare’s employees, contractors and visitors. The committee also disseminates information on OHS matters accessible to all employees.

The committee membership comprises both employer and employee representatives. The committee met every quarter during 2010–11.

The Occupational Health and Safety Operations Committee (OHSOC) is a sub-committee of the NHSC and its objective is to deal with operational work health and safety matters.