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Health and Safety Management Arrangements

Comcare has Health and Safety Management Arrangements (HSMAs) to ensure safety is a priority by establishing the consultative structures within Comcare and by taking into account Comcare’s relevant hazards, organisational culture and workforce. The HSMAs are supplemented by occupational health and safety policies and procedures.

Comcare’s HSMAs cover:

  • how the HSMAs meet the requirements of the OHS Act
  • how Comcare consults on work health and safety matters
  • an outline of work health and safety roles and responsibilities
  • how the HSMAs support the effectiveness of Comcare’s OHSMS ‘Sign On’
  • how Comcare supports and trains employees with specific OHS responsibilities
  • how the HSMAs are reviewed and varied
  • how workplace health issues and disputes are resolved by working together.

Comcare provides employees with information about the HSMAs through regular communication including email and news items. Comcare’s HSMAs are available to all employees through the Comcare Intranet.

Comcare’s HSMAs were developed in consultation with Comcare employees. During 2010–11 the HSMAs were reviewed. Following consultation a third version of the HSMAs was issued in November 2010.