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Overview - Annual Report from Comcare

Comcare's Executive


Paul O’Connor, Comcare Chief Executive Officer

Paul O’Connor—Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Office of the CEO is responsible for audit and assurance, community engagement, governance and secretariat services, and organisational development.
Steve Kibble

Steve Kibble—Deputy Chief Executive Officer and head of Scheme Integrity

The group aims to strengthen and secure the future of Comcare and the Comcare scheme (the scheme).

Gaby Medley-Brown

Gaby Medley-Brown—Chief Operating Officer

The group is accountable for ensuring Comcare meets corporate responsibilities and delivers a highly capable workforce.
Marilia Mendes

Marilia Mendes—General Counsel

The group provides general counsel, legal services and advice. This includes reporting and accountability for all legal services to ensure Comcare meets strategic outcomes.
Lesley Morrison

Lesley Morrison—General Manager, Recovery and Support

The group is responsible for the primary determination of new workers’ compensation claims and the ongoing management of accepted claims from Australian and ACT Government employees. The group also seeks to maintain and improve the operation of workers’ compensation and rehabilitation frameworks in the jurisdiction.

Neil Quarmby

Neil Quarmby—General Manager, Work Health and Safety

The group is accountable for the protection of the health, safety and welfare at work of workers through targeted education, assurance and enforcement. Its focus is on prevention as the primary means of reducing human and financial costs of injury and disease.
Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan—General Manager, Project Harmony

The group is responsible for preparing the Commonwealth’s seamless transition to new work health and safety legislative framework.
Bruce Watson

Bruce Watson—Chief Actuary

The group ensures the scheme is financially viable and sustainable into the future, with a focus on the efficient management of value at risk.