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72. Payment Remittance Detail Report by Number

Description: This report gives details of incapacity payments made within a specified date range, by payment number.

Access Level Required: Finance Level Access.

Export Options: .csv

Benefits: This report allows the user to enter a specific Payment Number and then view the remittance advice relating to that number.

Parameters: This report represents payments to the agency that correspond with the entered Payment Number.

Fields Description
Payee Name Name of the payee (agency).
Payee No Comcareâs payee number (agency/cheque receiving cost centre numbers)
Account paid For EFT payments this is BSB/Account number.
Chq/EFT no Payment reference. A leading C indicates a cheque; E indicates an EFT payment.
Payment date Date the payment was issued.
Payment total Total (nett) payment amount.
Payroll Cost Centre Employee's payroll cost centre.
Cust Reference Customer reference for payroll cost centre (if any)
Name Name of payroll cost centre
Employee Name Name of employee reimbursed for incapacity.
Claim no Employee's claim number.
State Employee's state.
Injury Date Date of injury for Employeeâs claim.
AGS/Payroll No. Employee's AGS or payroll number.
Comcare Invoice no Comcare's invoice reference.
Start date Incapacity determination starting date.
End date Incapacity determination end date.
Item Amount Amount paid or recovered (negative if recovery).

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014