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National Safe Work Month


Comcare invites you to take part in 2016 National Safe Work Month.

National Safe Work Month, held in October each year, aims to raise awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work and the sharing of positive workplace stories.

Creating healthy and safe workplaces is a key goal for us, and we aim to ensure workers are safe all year round. During National Safe Work Month Comcare will be talking about how we can make our work safer and importantly what each of us can do about fixing our health and safety issues.

National Safe Work Month 2016 is about:

  • improving awareness of work health and safety
  • encourage discussion about safety at work
  • share positive workplace stories from across Australia.

Comcare Safe Work Month Activities

Comcare is supporting Safe Work Australia through promoting and participating in a number of Safe Work Month activites.

Across the month of October, Comcare’s Safe Work Month activities will be posted below.

How can your organisation get involved?

National Safe Work Month is a time to focus on health and safety in your workplace.

Below are a range of ideas you could use to encourage your workplace to improve health and safety:

  • hold a safety walk, run or bike-ride - don’t forget to use sunscreen and stay hydrated!
  • encourage healthy eating during the month such as a healthy recipe swap, providing free fruit in break areas, or inviting a nutritionist to share with staff.
  • hold a morning or afternoon tea where employees can raise any health and safety concerns during an open forum hosted by managers and supervisors.
  • organise speakers from industry associations or professional bodies relevant to your workplace to present on the importance of work health and safety.
  • organise first aid refresher training.
  • run a training session on the use of personal protective equipment.
  • provide ergonomic assessments for your workers and look into trialing sit to stand workstations.
  • organise staff health checks such as fitness, medical, skin or eye tests.
  • connect on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out about local events and to share your safe work month workplace stories. Use the hashtag #safeworkmonth to join the conversation.

Virtual Seminar Series

Safe Work Australia will once again run the popular Virtual Seminar Series, showcasing the latest thinking, research, developments and best practice in work health and safety.

View the broadcast schedule

Electronic resource kit

Safe Work Australia has developed a National Safe Work Month resource kit to help you raise awareness about work health and safety within your organisation.

The kit includes:

  • posters
  • work health and safety statistics
  • draft intranet/email messages and;
  • digital banners.

This month, like every month, let’s all work together to keep each other safe and healthy at work.


Page last updated: 22 Feb 2019