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The importance of World Health Day

April 7 is recognised as World Health Day, a global campaign to have all of us focus on a single health challenge with a world-wide impact.

This year’s theme is Ageing and Health with the message is that good health will add years to a person’s life.

It is certainly an important message. As we get older it’s a message all of us need to be aware of at home, in the community and in the workforce.

Ageing takes place in the context of family, friends, work colleagues and the community. That is why a supportive and engaging society can promote active and productive ageing.

Older people who retire from work and those who are ill or live with disabilities can remain active contributors to their families, peers and communities. Active aging aims to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life for all people as they age, including those which are frail, disabled and in need of care.

It will benefit everyone if Australians work together to realise the potential that comes from an increased number of older people with an extended life course.

At Comcare, we recognise the importance of workplace design and management and how working conditions can have a significant effect on the health of workers. Participating in the workforce has a direct impact on people’s circumstances, income, wellbeing and identity.

I hope that you will join with me over this period and stop and reflect about how all of us, including employers across the workforce are supporting older employees to make sure they are ageing well and have every opportunity to continue to work and achieve. It certainly benefits us all.

Paul O’Connor
10 April 2012



Page last updated: 17 Dec 2013