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Workplace perceptions

Health and wellbeing in this context pertains to both an organisational level and an individual’s level. Understanding health and wellbeing in the workplace is important to successfully return people back to work, in preventing injuries, reducing absenteeism and improving engagement and productivity.

The links below relate to reports which focus on the experiences of individuals who are injured or become ill at work. It also explores the dynamics and nuances of all parties involved in workplace injury/illness and return to work experiences. Three research areas have been addressed:

  1. Failed return to work
  2. Long duration claims
  3. Delays in claiming.

The research was required to understand the various contextual and mitigating factors associated with each of these circumstances, to identify common challenges and areas for improvement, as well as identifying policy and practice enhancements.

The results of this work will support the efforts of Comcare’s employers and the scheme to achieve more successful return to work by providing greater insights into key components that may influence this outcome. 

Poster presentations

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014