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Comcare research program

The Comcare research program was established in 2011 to provide Comcare with greater insights and understanding about the attitudes, experiences and perceptions of our key client groups. The information obtained through our research program is used to help us inform improvements in workers’ compensation and work health and safety policies and practices.


Return to work Workplace perceptions Health and wellbeing Workers' compensation system

Flagship surveys

Comcare’s flagship surveys collect information from:

  • injured workers 
  • managers of workers’ compensation, rehabilitation and injury management 
  • claims managers 
  • managers of work health and safety 
  • health and safety representatives (HSRs).

Comcare also undertakes ad hoc research that is informed by the flagship surveys as well as different business and jurisdictional needs.

Collaboration and sharing

The value of information lies in sharing and using it. To this end, Comcare is committed to doing both. We do this by collaborating with different organisations and institutions, such as:

  • private research companies
  • universities and institutions 
  • international regulators 
  • Australian regulators.

Comcare shares information collected through research by presenting at conferences, forums and team meetings, working closely with interested parties and organisations, as well as producing a range of different written papers.  Some of the reports and papers produced are available below, but if you would like more information to share your own research, discuss ours or explore opportunities to work together, please contact the Comcare Research Team.


Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014