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Compliance with the legislation - Examples of success

The list below features some ways to demonstrate success in this element. You can also add other examples. When you identify areas for improvement, include an action, when it needs to be completed and who is responsible.

Download the Examples of success template [doc]


  • Rehabilitation management system exists, is readily accessible and clearly states the organisation’s commitment to the required components as outlined in the Rehabilitation guidelines for employers.
  • A documented procedure that specifies how the SRC Act and SRC Regulations and relevant guidelines (including Comcare Jurisdictional Policy Advices (JPAs) and the s41 Guidelines) are monitored.
  • Training plans require key rehabilitation staff to attend relevant legislative training.
  • Job descriptions require legislative competence to be maintained.
  • Organisation participates in a specialised subscription service that monitors legislative changes (including JPAs) and issues regular updates.
  • Employees are aware of the rehabilitation management system and where to access it. Surveys, questionnaires and competency testing demonstrate this.
  • Copies of relevant performance reports (e.g. indicator R2 – % of claims with 2 weeks or more lost time with a RTWP, percentage achieving RTW on case closure).
Page last updated: 04 Nov 2013