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Integrated and effective system - Examples of success

The list below features some ways to demonstrate success in this element. You can also add other examples. When you identify areas for improvement, include an action, when it needs to be completed and who is responsible.

Download the Examples of Success template [doc]


  • Rehabilitation management system and how it is integrated is documented
  • Document outlining suitable duties procedures exists
  • Partnerships with HR demonstrate an integrated approach to corporate health indicators. Employee absence management and other corporate health indicators link to early rehabilitation actions
  • Systems for reporting accidents and incidents are linked to injury management areas to underpin early intervention
  • Contracts with external providers support employer’s health, safety and rehabilitation objectives (e.g. non-compensation interventions in service agreements, training for line managers etc)
  • Barriers to return to work are identified at the systems level and addressed (use of flags model)
  • Key rehabilitation metrics are reported in the context of health, safety and other organisational health indicators
Page last updated: 04 Nov 2013