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First Aid Kit

Virtual Office - First aid kit
Virtual Office Flash introduction – First aid kit

A first aid kit should be available in the first aid room. Contents of first aid kits should be suitable to the type of work carried out at the workplace. The following items represent a basic first aid kit but you may include additional items that are appropriate for your workplace.

First Aid kit basic contents

For use by person giving first aid
  • first aid manual
  • disposable gloves
  • resuscitation face shield / mask (disposable)
  • scissors (disposable)
  • splinter probes (disposable)
  • set of basic first aid notes 
Minor cuts, eye injuries
  • antiseptic swabs
  • sodium chloride ampules
  • individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings (band -aids)
  • sterile eye pads
  • non-allergenic tape
Larger, more serious wounds
  • sterile dressings for serious wounds
  • wound dressings (size 13P, 14P)
  • emergency shock blanket
  • light crepe bandages
  • amputation bag set
Pressure or limb support bandages
  • heavy crepe bandage
  • triangular bandage
Appendix B of the Code of Practice provides a complete list of first aid items.

When determining the appropriate number and contents of first aid kits required at a workplace the PCBU should take into account the following relevant matters:

  • the nature of the work being carried out
  • the nature of the hazards
  • the size and location of the workplace
  • the number and composition of the workers and other persons at the workplace