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Photocopy Ventilation

Virtual Office - Ventilation
Virtual Office Flash introduction – Ventilation
Objects Hazards Possible Controls
Atmospheric contaminants
  • Ozone may be released in small amounts by electrostatic photocopiers and printers
  • High levels of dust or other particles
  • (e.g. printer emissions) in indoor air
  • Install an extractor fan which vents any fumes / particles outside, or to a more appropriate location
  • Avoid continuous photocopying and collating or ensure adequate breaks are taken
  • If room has a door, instruct workers to leave door open to assist air flow through the room
  • Ensure that filters are of the correct type to remove expected contaminants and that filters are clean and are replaced regularly
Air flow
  • Insufficient volume of air through the area
  • Arrange for rate of air flow to be measured and if necessary increase
  • Ensure placement of air-conditioning vents is appropriate to allow adequate air flow, including enclosed offices
Air temperature
  • High or low indoor air temperatures
  • Have temperature in affected area measured and adjustments made to stabilise temperature in the area in consultation with the effected workers
  • Look at location of workstations in relation to ducts and openings