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Emergency Procedures

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ObjectsHazardsPossible Controls
Emergencies / evacuations
  • Accounting for visitors in an evacuation
  • Inadequately trained personnel
  • Lack of or poorly maintained fire extinguishers / smoke alarms
  • Emergency exits not visible or accessible
  • Lack of emergency procedures / programs
  • Staff untrained in evacuation procedures
  • Ensure that workers working in reception area are familiar with documented procedures on:
    - instructing visitors re evacuation procedures
    - using visitor book to locate visitors
    - contacting staff to ensure safe evacuation of visitors
    - communicating with staff managing evacuation
    - closing entry doors and exiting the area safely
  • As part of a regular OHS inspections ensure smoke alarms and fire extinguishers have been tested and repaired if required, refer to state and territory requirements for testing and maintenance
  • Ensure emergency exit sign is in place and lit
  • Ensure emergency exits are clearly marked, are not blocked and are easily accessible
  • Develop appropriate emergency procedures / programs
  • Conduct regular emergency evacuation drills to test procedures / programs and systems
  • Ensure emergency contacts receive appropriate training for coordinating emergency responses
  • Ensure all workers are familiar with all emergency response procedures, emergency alarm sounds and be able to act accordingly
Bomb threat
  • Bomb threat
  • Ensure that all workers working in reception are trained in response to the threat of a bomb
  • Identify, train and authorise support staff to take responsibility for management of the response and document procedures to be followed
  • Check arrangements for alerting emergency services (fire, police, Tactical Response Group, ambulance, etc) who will be required to attend in the event of a threat
Biological hazard
  • A suspicious package / envelope is received by an workers working in reception area
  • Train workers working in reception how to recognise a suspicious package / envelope on delivery
  • Document procedures to be followed and train workers who will manage those procedures
  • Ensure appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is available if required
First aid
  • Injured / sick customers and staff
  • Ensure that receptionists are aware of the workplace policy / procedures in relation to the provision of First Aid to 3rd parties and have been trained to implement the policy / procedure
  • Insure first aid procedure signage and documentation is up to date, accessible and easily identified
Visitors / contractors
  • Visitors uncertain of how to respond in an emergency
  • Reception to give briefing on emergency procedures prior to entry into secure areas
  • Ensure visitors / contractors are accounted for and included in procedures for evacuation
  • Ensure emergency procedures are visible and easily understood for visitors to follow in the event of an emergency