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ObjectsHazardsPossible Controls
Floor surface
  • Highly polished floors or smooth surfaces may be a slip hazard
  • Patterns on floors can cause vertigo and alter depth perception
  • Plush carpet catches feet
  • Choose a non-slip floor material or one with a textured surface
  • Use a non-slip floor polish or cleaner
  • If terrazzo or similar surface, have walk areas abraded (roughened) to remove shine
  • Choose plain patterns without swirls or 3D images
  • Use short pile carpet to reduce the chance of tripping and allow delivery trolleys and carts ease of movement on the carpet
Wet floor
  • Water carried inside onto floors during wet weather
  • Use appropriate signage to warn of slip hazard when floors are wet
  • Ensure that floors are regularly checked and maintained to be free from water
  • Provide non-slip matting for people to wipe their feet before entry
  • Ensure appropriate drainage at entry to workplace
Change in floor level or surface
  • Changes in floor level (e.g. step or ramp)
  • Interface between different floor materials (e.g. from tiled floor to a carpeted one)
  • Where possible ensure that joins are flush with adjoining floor levels and are not raised at any point
  • Use rounded facing for joins not at same level
  • Display appropriate signage to identify the hazard to people using the area
  • Consider extra lighting and floor markings to identify the hazard to people using the area
  • Avoid having changes in surface where these occur at unexpected points in the walk area
Damaged flooring
  • Damaged flooring (e.g. cracked or broken tiles, holes in carpet, projecting edging strips)
  • Ensure any damaged flooring is repaired as soon as possible
  • Place appropriate warning signs over damaged area, or remove access to the area until repaired
  • Tripping hazards left on floor (e.g. deliveries)
  • Rubbish left by visitors
  • Ensure there is adequate 'off-the-floor' storage and designated areas for deliveries
  • Process deliveries as soon as practicable
  • Provide a clearly marked bin for disposal of waste materials
  • Conduct regular housekeeping inspections
Floor furnishings
  • Having rugs and other floor furnishings may introduce trip hazards
  • Possible allergies
  • Ensure rugs and other floor furnishings are easily visible and have a low profile to reduce chance of tripping and that they are rubber backed to prevent slipping
  • Use hypo-allergenic rugs and floor furnishings to reduce the risk of allergic reactions