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Claims forms

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  • Request to change bank account and/or personal details (SRC 170)

    This form needs to be filled out if the details Comcare has on your claim are incorrect or out of date, complete the top section of this form (Claimant's personal details) and the section that relates directly to the details you consider to be incorrect.


  • Section 45 election form

    This form is for as election to institute an action or proceeding for damages for non-economic loss. You are strongly advised not to sign this form unless you fully understand what it means and you have sought legal advice.


  • Statement of financial circumstances

    This form is used if an employee has received an overpayment and is applying to have it waived or written off due to financial hardship, or to renegotiate an existing repayment plan.



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Page last updated: 21 Mar 2016