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APS Employee Census report


Over the last few years, Comcare has had consistently high engagement with the Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census (Census). This engagement has allowed us to highlight strengths and opportunities for improvement and put measures in place to address them. This year has continued that trend with a response rate of 85 per cent providing some clear insights into how our employees feel about working at Comcare.

Overall, Comcare has continued to perform well when compared to other APS agencies. Results for the Innovation Index and employee engagement have remained consistent with the APS overall. We are particularly proud of our result for the Wellbeing Index which is considerably higher than the APS overall and comparative agencies.

Following an analysis of Comcare’s results, some of the key findings include:

  • Supervisor impressions – employee’s impressions of their immediate supervisor continued to receive high positive results across the organisation.
  • Self-reflection –employees generally feel that they have the appropriate skills, capabilities and knowledge to do their job.
  • Colleagues – employees generally felt positive about their immediate workgroup and believe their colleagues act in accordance with APS values.
  • Diversity – an upward trend has highlighted our agency’s commitment to creating a diverse workforce.
  • Corruption – employees are confident that they have the skills in identifying and dealing with corruption in the workplace, an area that has continued to show an improvement.

The Census has also helped us identify opportunities for improvement, particularly where there are differences across business areas as a result of varying priorities and change activities. To address these differences there has been a focus in each business area on identifying their strengths and opportunities and developing measures to address them. The Executive have also identified some areas that will be focused on more broadly across Comcare including change, innovation, collaboration and strategic direction.

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Australian Public Service Employee Census 2019 [PDF]

Page last updated: 26 Nov 2019