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Injury Management

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  • Barriers to Return to Work

    ‘Barriers to Return to Work: A literature review’ is a summary of current literature relating to the barriers to return to work. The report examines the factors that influence return to work in a workers’ compensation context with a focus on injury characteristics and individual perceptions, and workplace relationships.

  • CIS report suite summary

    The following publication outlines the updated categories and provides a high-level mapping between existing reports and the new reports.

  • Comcare workplace rehabilitation provider service codes

    A referral must be received from a Rehabilitation Case Manager (or employer delegate) before the workplace rehabilitation provider can commence service delivery. Comcare is able to pay rehabilitation invoices for initial rehabilitation services prior to claim determination.

  • Comcare's 2012-2013 regulatory campaigns

    This fact sheet provides an overview of the regulatory campaigns Comcare is delivering during 2012–2013. These campaigns deliver on Comcare’s targeted response to prevent harm as set out in Comcare’s Strategic Plan 2010–2015.

  • Early Intervention Project

    Comcare commissioned a project to investigate the use and benefits of early intervention within the scheme.  The aim of this Early Intervention Project was to determine:

    • Who uses early intervention, why they use it and what role it plays
    • What effective early intervention looks like from the employer's perspective, and
    • Why employers do or do not invest in Early Intervention.

  • Guide to understanding customer reports

    The Guide to Understanding Customer Reports provides you with detailed information on the various reports available through Customer Information Service (CIS), explaining the various reporting fields and terms used. The Guide also provides you with a brief guide to using the CIS application, and contact details for the CIS helpdesk.

  • Guidelines for Rehabilitation Authorities

    The Guidelines for Rehabilitation Authorities 2019 are issued to rehabilitation authorities in relation to their performance and exercise of their functions and powers under Part III – Rehabilitation of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.

  • Helping you recover

    This booklet is designed to help employees and supervisors understand what they need to do when a claim for compensation is lodged. The guide outlines the steps in the workers' compensation and return to work processes as well as how we can all work together to achieve successful recovery outcomes for employees.

  • Infographic: Back to work, Back to team

    Workplace relationships can positively influence return to work outcomes. This infographic outlines practical actions that supervisors and co-workers can take to support a team member following injury.

  • Measuring rehabilitation performance

    This document has been produced to assist Rehabilitation Authorities develop and maintain rehabilitation management systems, by providing a range of performance indicators for consideration.

  • Payment of sections 36 and 37 rehabilitation costs prior to Comcare issuing a section 14 determination of liability

    This fact sheet details Comcare's new policy on the circumstances where an agency's incurred rehabilitation costs under sections 36 and 37 of the SRC Act would be payable prior to Comcare issuing a section 14 determination of liability. This new policy encourages early rehabilitation where a claim has been made. Rehabilitation Authorities should familiarise themselves with the contents of the publication before incurring any section 36 and s37 expenditure on rehabilitation prior to a claim for compensation being accepted by Comcare.

  • Rehabilitation management systems

    A rehabilitation management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organisation can
    achieve its rehabilitation objectives.

  • Return to work case conferencing resources

    The following resources will assist relevant stakeholders with return to work case conferencing. These resources aim to enhance communication between all stakeholders to facilitate and support recovery at work. These resources are available as a collection or as individual resources.


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Page last updated: 21 Mar 2016