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Safety & Prevention

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  • Approved HSR training courses - information for training providers

    This fact sheet provides an overview of the requirements and content applicable to each of the three health and safety representative (HSR) training courses (initial five-day course, one-day bridging course, one-day refresher course) that training providers in the Commonwealth jurisdiction may seek approval to deliver.


  • Audits

    This fact sheet provides general guidance about Comcare's audit services.




  • Benefits of movement - be upstanding!

    This fact sheet provides an overview of the health risks associated with long periods of sitting, the benefits of regular movement, and strategies that persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) and workers can implement to reduce sitting time at work.



  • Body Stressing injuries - risk management checklist

    Risk management is the primary tool used to prevent workplace injury and disease. This checklist is designed to assist managers, workplace health staff and rehabilitation providers with identifying and addressing risks of body stressing injury.



  • Bullying case study

    This real life case highlights the need for managers and employers to follow their duty of care and deal responsibly with incidents of workplace bullying.


  • Bullying Risk Management Tool

    This checklist is designed to assist employers conduct regular checks to identify signs of bullying in their workplace.


  • Call centres: A guide to safe work

    This guide provides advice to employers on the potential hazards associated with work in call centres (also known as contact centres) and advice on how to manage those hazards, by giving examples of good practice.


  • Cash in transit

    The transport, delivery and receipt of valuables, (cash in transit CIT operations) is any service whereby person or persons are involved in the movement of valuables such as cash, securities, jewels, bullion and other financial instruments on behalf of other persons for reward.




  • Claims Management System Pre-Licence Audit Tool

    This pre-licence audit tool is used by Comcare to audit claims management systems and capacity for compliance under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 for new applicants for a self-insurance licence.




  • Claims management systems audit tool

    The purpose of this audit tool is to assess the legislative compliance and effectiveness of a licensee’s health and safety policy and procedures and its health and safety management systems.







  • Conducting a needs assessment for work health programs

    This resource provides guidance on how to source, interpret, assess and evaluate organisational data to undertake an effective needs assessment, in order to inform the development of a comprehensive health and wellbeing program. It may be suitable for use by human resource and work health and safety managers and consultants, and health and wellbeing coordinators.



  • Contractor Management: Guidance for Commonwealth PCBU's

    This guide aims to provide information to Persons Conducting Businesses or Undertakings (PCBU’s) who come under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) (WHS Act). This includes the Commonwealth, a public authority or a non-Commonwealth licensee.

    The guide gives a general overview on topics such as what reasonably practicable means, how control is an implied element of determining what is reasonably practicable, relying on the expertise of others, consultation, incident notification and construction specific information.


  • Cooperative compliance program

    A Cooperative Compliance Program (CCP) is a Comcare initiative designed to provide assistance to improve the health and safety of workers in their workplace.


  • CSIRO's wellbeing journey

    CSIRO have been on a journey of discovery and increasing maturity towards better understanding the nature and importance of employee wellbeing. As a result, CSIRO have significantly increased duty of care with regard to the psychosocial work environment. CSIRO have learnt many lessons and realise this journey is one that is ongoing; it is one they are prepared to take.

    The appendices provide a range of tools and resources that CSIRO have developed as part of their journey.



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Page last updated: 21 Mar 2016