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CEO directions and instructions

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CEO directions and instructions outline specific responsibilities and expected behaviours of Comcare staff and others engaged to help Comcare meet its objectives. Failure to comply with a CEO direction may result in disciplinary action.

Comcare's current CEO directions and instructions include:

CEO Directions - Cabcharge e-tickets (PDF, 112.5 KB)

Outlines obligations for the issue and use of Cabcharge vouchers. The direction also explains control of accountable documents.

CEO Directions - Common seal (PDF, 103.0 KB)

Describes the use and custody of the Comcare Common Seal.

CEO Directions - Conflict of interest (PDF, 118.2 KB)

Explains an employee's obligations where their personal interests may be or perceived to be in conflict with their official duties.

CEO Directions - Corporate credit card (PDF, 336.3 KB)

Explains responsibilities for the issue and use of Comcare corporate credit cards.

CEO Directions - Declarations of private interests (PDF, 113.5 KB)

Identifies employee responsibilities for disclosing private interests if through their official duties, a conflict of interest is apparent.

CEO Directions - Direction to General Counsel (PDF, 177.1 KB)

Directs General Counsel to comply with specific obligations applicable to the position.

CEO Directions - Disclosure of official information (PDF, 107.2 KB)

Explains the rules for disclosure of official information, particularly to Parliamentarians.

CEO Directions - Information Publication Scheme (PDF, 112.4 KB)

Sets out Comcare's policy on the management of its Information Publication Scheme.

CEO Directions - Official hospitality (PDF, 108.6 KB)

Explains Comcare's policy on expenditure on meals or entertainment for a purpose consistent with Comcare's business objectives.

CEO Directions - Outside employment (PDF, 104.9 KB)

Describes employee obligations to be addressed before undertaking employment outside of Comcare.

CEO Directions - Privacy (PDF, 88.9 KB)

Describes Comcare's policy when dealing with personal information.

CEO Directions - Records Management (PDF, 123.3 KB)

Sets out Comcare's policy on records management to ensure we are capturing, managing and maintaining all records for legislative and historical purposes.

CEO Directions - Use of Technology resources (PDF, 72.5 KB)

Describes employee obligations in relation to the use of desktop computers, servers, phones, business systems, printing, email and Internet access.

CEO Instructions - Breaches of the Code of Conduct (PDF, 115.8 KB)

This instruction outlines the procedures taken when there has been a suspected breach of the code of conduct.

CEO Instructions - Delegations procedures (PDF, 113.8 KB)

This information outlines the procedure to be followed in making new delegations so that they are accurate, consistent, lawful, securely stored and readily accessible to all Comcare staff.

CEO Instructions - Whistleblowing (PDF, 125.3 KB)

This instruction sets out the policy in relation to the reporting of suspected behaviour that is not consistent with the code of conduct or represents misuse or management of Commonwealth resources.

Page last reviewed: 11 February 2020
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Date printed 09 Jul 2020