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Welcome to our new website (News)

For: Claimants Employers and managers Service providers Advocates Information seekers

30 March 2020

Our new website provides a brand-new look and navigation designed to streamline how you engage, find and access our content.

We have completely redesigned our website to make it easier for you and other users to find information and complete tasks. Content on pages has been completely rewritten too.

New site structure

The structure of this website has been designed to provide an engaging navigation to streamline how people access our content.

Information on the Comcare website is now grouped under the following areas:

Comcare website main menu

Your role

Your role outlines individual roles and responsibilities in relation to compensation, work health and safety, and rehabilitation.

Safe and healthy work

Safe and healthy work covers key topics around keeping a workplace safe and healthy.

Claims and rehabilitation

Claims and rehabilitation has information aimed primarily at claimants, employers and rehabilitation authorities. It outlines the claims and rehabilitations processes.

Service providers

Information for service providers, such as medical practitioners, workplace rehabilitation providers and training organisations, about working with Comcare.

Scheme and legislation

Scheme and legislation includes the different legislation and how Comcare works under it.

About us

About us has general information about Comcare and the way we work.

Content on pages is different

We now provide website content that is more customer-focused, accurate and relevant to our users. Content on the new site has been completely rewritten.

Content on pages is written for specific users – Claimants, Advocates, Employers and managers, Service providers and General information seekers. You will see the tags for these at the top of each page. These tags indicate who a page is written for.

Comcare website user tags

We’ve worked hard to make our content easier to read. It’s been tested with users and put through readability tests. The content achieved very good readability scores using industry indices.

A high percentage of pages can be read and understood by a wide audience, not requiring knowledge of technical language or specialist jargon.

New design

The website now contains visually larger font and headings, is mobile friendly, and easier to scan and read content.

The pages will look and feel different. We’ve refreshed the website to look new and make it easier to use.

Across the site we have introduced accordions as a standard, to assist with scanning and location of information, but also keeping pages short and succinct by removing clutter.

New site search

We have developed a new and improved search interface and search facility.

When you perform a search, you will see one tab for pages and another for documents. This is to help people find the most relevant web page more easily.

Comcare website site search results page

The ‘search’ function has been improved by including synonyms. Synonyms capture more common language terms, for example ‘certification’ equals ‘approval’, ‘compo’ equals ‘compensation’.

Forms and publications

There is a link to Forms at the top right hand of the page. All forms come under one list.

There’s also a filter to help you find your form more easily.

Corporate publications (annual reports, policies and corporate plans) are now in a separate section under Governance and accountability.

You can find  other publications either:

  • via the Search (which has its own Documents tab) or
  • by looking on the relevant web page, such as ‘Rehabilitation manager handbook’ is available on the ‘Rehabilitation manager role’ page.

Now when you click on a link to a form or publication, the document opens directly--rather than having to click on multiple clicks to get to the publication. The publications are in PDF format.

Redirect from old website pages

To assist website users, the most visited pages on the old website have been redirected to the equivalent page on the new website. This also helps users who have bookmarked their preferred web pages. We have also redirected some documents too.

This is a list of the top ten most visited pages on the Comcare website, which all have redirects set up to ensure users can find content:

If you visit a page which doesn't have a redirect set up, you will see the '404 page', which lets you know the page has been moved or no longer exists. You can then navigate or search for the page.


We welcome your feedback on the content and features of our website. This helps us improve our website.

  • Email
  • Call us on (02) 6160 3985 or 1300 366 979 between 8.30 am and 5 pm AEST Monday to Friday.
  • Write to Comcare, GPO Box 9905, Canberra, ACT 2601.

Thank you to those who tested the site

We conducted testing during the Beta phase of our new website. Overall, testers told us that the new site was easier to use, navigate, search and understand.

We also received suggestions to help improve aspects of the site and feedback on what was easy to use or a little more difficult.

Thank you to the people and organisations who tested the Beta website for us and provided their feedback.

From this feedback, we have made a number of changes which we feel have improved our new Comcare website.

Page last reviewed: 30 March 2020

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