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Focusing on mental health in the workplace (News)

01 October 2019

Be a Safety Champion by focusing on your mental health in the workplace.

As part of our ongoing support of National Safe Work Month and World Mental Health Day, we encourage you to focus on your mental health in the workplace.

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don’t seek medical help because of the stigma surrounding it. We also know that a mentally healthy workplace is a happy and productive one; they deliver greater productivity, improve workforce participation and increase social inclusion. It is why workplaces should always foster and strive for an inclusive and positive environment to look after the mental health of their workers.

Heads Up, an initiative by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance to bring together business, unions, the mental health sector and regulators to promote mentally healthy workplaces, has compiled a list of strategies for managing your mental health while at work, including:

  • Limit working extra hours
  • Schedule meetings during core work hours
  • Take regular breaks
  • Try not to take work home
  • Take your holiday leave
  • Set realistic deadlines and deliver on time
  • It’s OK to say ‘no’

Visit the Heads Up website for more information on this topic. And while we focus on mental health this week, remember Comcare has a  Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work resource guide is available for you and your teams. The guide builds inclusive workplace cultures and promotes mental health awareness.

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Page last reviewed: 15 December 2019
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Date printed 09 Aug 2020