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Key findings from national cross-sector workshop series led by the Collaborative Partnership

8 December 2021

A summary report has been released today with key findings and recommendations from the Collaborative Partnership’s national cross-sector workshop series held earlier this year.

The series included five workshops with key senior stakeholder groups, representing employers and industry, income support systems, GPs and peak medical bodies and unions.

The workshops aimed to progress a national conversation to identify opportunities for uptake and practical implementation of the Principles on the role of the GP in supporting work participation (GP Principles).

Key findings include the following themes:

  • Greater transparency and better communication to build trust between systems, employers and GPs.
  • The principles of supporting work participation do not change, regardless of the injury or disability, or what system the individual is accessing.
  • Efforts are needed for a more unified income and benefit support system.
  • Opportunity to leverage the full potential of the case manager role that operates in all systems.

Recommendations included continued promotion of the GP Principles, ongoing engagement with people that have lived experience, and developing Principles for employers on their role in supporting work participation.

For more information and to read the summary report, go to: Collaborative Partnership.

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