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Corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines

The following list are internal Comcare documents such as corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines.

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  • CEO Directions - Records Management

    Sets out Comcare's policy on records management to ensure we are capturing, managing and maintaining all records for legislative and historical purposes.

  • CEO Instructions - Delegations procedures

    This information outlines the procedure to be followed in making new delegations so that they are accurate, consistent, lawful, securely stored and readily accessible to all Comcare staff.

  • CEO Instructions - Whistleblowing

    This instruction sets out the policy in relation to the reporting of suspected behaviour that is not consistent with the Code of Conduct or represents misuse or management of Commonwealth resources.

  • Claims Policy Manual

    Comcare's Online Claims Policy Manual (eCPM) has been removed whilst it is being reviewed.

  • Comcare Asset Management Policy

    This document specifies the policy relating to Comcare’s operating assets and covers the purchase, use, management and disposal of all such assets.

  • Comcare Enterprise Agreement

    The broad aim of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) is to support Comcare and its employees to meet the functions of working with employees and employers as they create safe and healthy workplaces and assist injured employees. The EA details the salaries and conditions for our non-SES employees.

    In December 2018, the Comcare CEO approved a s.24(1) Determination that supplements specific provisions of the EA effective 12 April 2019.

    This Determination is made under the PS Act and means that all eligible employees covered by the EA will receive the maximum of a six per cent salary increase over three years as below:

    • two per cent on 12 April 2019
    • two per cent on 12 April 2020
    • two per cent on 12 April 2021

  • Performance and development framework

    The Performance and Development Framework (PDF) has been designed to assist employees to achieve the results expected in relation to work plans and how to manage performance on an ongoing basis. It also provides a fair and equitable way to recognise and reward those who achieve or improve on expected results, and assistance in the management of cases where performance expectations are not being met.

  • Performance excellence policy

    This policy forms part of our Performance Development Framework (PDF). The PDF is designed to assist Comcare employees achieve effective performance against their work goals and manage performance on an ongoing basis.


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Page last updated: 21 Mar 2016