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Comcare 2016-17 Corporate Plan

CEO's introduction

CEO, Jennifer Taylor

I am pleased to present the Comcare 2016–17 Corporate Plan (the corporate plan).

This plan builds on the new direction we began in 2015–16 that has already seen business improvements and improvement in financial health.

Premium rates are falling, claim frequency is reducing and claim duration after injury is beginning to improve. These trends are having a very positive impact on the financial position of the premium scheme, with the ratio of assets to liabilities increasing steadily and moving us towards a fully funded scheme ahead of target. Comcare has continued to refine claims management practices with a focus on early intervention and return to and recovery at work. We have also taken the first steps in digital transformation with initiatives that are making our business more efficient and improving our interactions with employees, employers and providers.

Our key business priorities remain unchanged—leadership in insurance, effective and consistent regulation nationally, excellence in scheme management and design, and efficient and cost effective operations. While these represent our broad direction, the corporate plan refines our goals and targets areas for improvement. There is also greater focus on a whole of organisation approach to achieving our key deliverables.

This corporate plan sets out clear and measurable work to achieve our core goal of supporting participation and productivity nationally through healthy and safe workplaces that minimise the impact of harm.

With significant progress made in 2015–16 against our purposes, in addition to refining our performance measures we have focussed on how we will work more effectively together to achieve our goals. During 2015–16 we identified priority areas we believe will enhance Comcare’s culture. These priority areas are:

  1. being trusted, empowered and accountable
  2. having commitment and focus
  3. being collaborative
  4. being a learning organisation.

These priority areas are discussed in more detail in this plan and will be used to develop strategies to ensure that these values are communicated and supported throughout the organisation.

The corporate plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirement of paragraph 35(1) (b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), and section 16E of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014. It expands on the information contained in the 2016–17 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) and covers the financial years 2016–17 to 2019–20. We will report against the corporate plan in the annual performance statements that form part of the Comcare Annual Report, tabled in the Parliament in October each year by the Minister for Employment.

Jennifer Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

Page last updated: 11 Nov 2016