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The need to ensure the work environment is healthy and safe is ongoing and is an essential contribution to productive workplaces.

Technology and automation are transforming traditional models of work. We will maintain our focus as the nature of work changes and the profile of occupational risks shifts with increased concern around psychological as much as physical injury. These factors provide important context and our approach to these challenges will be critical to our success and that of the employers and employees in our scheme.

A strong governance framework guides our work, allowing resources to follow strategic priorities, ensuring business risks are identified and well managed, and organisational commitment to effective internal and external collaboration is supported. This corporate plan ensures that our priority actions are clearly aligned with our strategic focus and ensure the coherence, capability and adaptability of the organisation going forward.


Over time, psychological injury costs have risen and the length of time that ill and injured employees are away from their work has increased, particularly in public sector workplaces. The appropriate funding of public sector workers’ compensation liabilities remains a priority, and we have a commitment to match our liabilities and assets by July 2020.

The Australian Government has committed to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations. We will reduce the regulatory burden on employers and provide improved transparency for calculation of regulatory contributions and licence fees. We will continue to review our operational and administrative priorities and strategies to meet this objective.

Comcare’s regulatory and insurance functions alike must be underpinned by strong data, analytics and research— this will deliver better outcomes and ensure that our resources are deployed to best effect, helping to reduce liabilities and increase the effectiveness of our regulation.

External factors

We anticipate potential increases in the number of applications from companies to become self-insured licensees under the SRC Act.

Our corporate plan clearly shows the measures Comcare will implement over the next four years to address these challenges and external factors.

Comcare must be an active leader in this time of change.

Through delivery of this corporate plan, Comcare will become a leading insurer and national regulator, providing excellence in scheme management and design, efficient and effective operations, and showing leadership in identifying and delivering strategies to minimise harm in the workplace.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016