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Comcare is committed to improving our performance and has set ambitious targets to minimise the impact of harm in the workplace.

In driving this change, we will be focussing on:

  • reducing illness and injury in workplaces

  • reducing premiums and claim costs

  • reducing workers’ compensation liability

  • improving recovery at and return to work rates

  • improving leadership in all aspects of our business.

Our strategic direction and resourcing are stated each year in the PBS and reported in the annual performance statement published in the Comcare Annual Report.

This corporate plan is supported by group, team and individual performance plans which align with our purposes and intended results. This ensures a clear line of sight between the performance of Comcare and the performance of each individual working within our organisation.

Comcare’s governance framework ensures we meet our obligations of performance and accountability—an established committee structure oversees the strategies and plans to improve service delivery, make effective decisions and build capability. Our planning processes enable us to monitor, review, evaluate and report on our work.

Each business area maintains effective service and complaint handling mechanisms to monitor and improve performance.

Results will be reported in annual performance statements to 2019–20.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016