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Comcare is established under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act).

Comcare has functions and responsibilities under the SRC Act, the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and the Asbestos-related Claims (Management of Commonwealth Liabilities) Act 2005 (ARC Act). Under this legislation we have roles as insurer, regulator and scheme manager.

We provide expert advice and services to the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) and the Seacare Authority, and we manage the Commonwealth’s asbestos-related claims liabilities.

Comcare’s outcome statement (our Outcome) describes our success and provides strategic focus for all our efforts:

  • Supporting participation and productivity through healthy and safe workplaces that minimise the impact of harm in workplaces covered by Comcare.

Our role is to have a positive impact on reducing injury and harm in the workplace.

Comcare’s work underpins quality workplaces and plays a vital role supporting workforce participation and productivity, as well as making an important contribution to the Australian Government’s deregulation agenda.

The four purposes for Comcare are:

  • Leading insurer—working with employers and employees to minimise the impact of harm in workplaces, facilitate return to work and recovery at work, and deliver sustainable management of the fund.

  • National regulator—working with employers, employees and other stakeholders to deliver consistent, risk-based regulation to improve work health, safety and rehabilitation outcomes.

  • Excellence in scheme management and design—working with scheme participants to achieve sustainable and better practice national schemes.

  • Efficient and effective operations—working together to achieve our Outcome.

The corporate plan clearly shows how each purpose contributes to the achievement of our Outcome. At the same time, it shows how we will continue to drive transformation throughout the organisation.

Through this corporate plan, employers and employees in workplaces covered by Comcare will be able to see the benefit from improved performance across each of our four purposes. Comcare will be outcome focussed, transparent, innovative and collaborative in delivering our work. We have identified ambitious performance targets that reflect our shared commitment to minimising harm in the workplace.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016