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Operating Environment

Comcare operates in a diverse and continually changing environment. Comcare’s operations span across Australia’s public and private sector workforce. Our success is contingent upon anticipating and adapting to changing workplace environments across our jurisdiction.

Comcare monitors external environmental factors that impact our public and private sector stakeholders. Influential factors can include the economy, legislative changes and the changing nature of work. We continually work with employers and employees to minimise the impact of harm in the workplace, improve recovery at and return to work, and promote the health benefits of work through good work design.

Comcare’s functions are underpinned by its data analytics and research capabilities to:

  • inform evidence-based policy and legislative frameworks
  • drive our risk-based regulatory activities
  • enable performance monitoring and identify priority areas.

Challenges and innovation

Comcare’s quarterly review cycle continually scans the external and internal environments to identify emerging risks. Changes in our operating environment provide a catalyst for innovation aimed at improving the way we work and our ability to achieve our purposes over the coming years.

Comcare is leading a nationwide conversation about the health benefits of work through a Collaborative Partnership to Improve Work Participation. This aims to improve work participation of people with temporary or permanent physical or mental health conditions which impact their ability to work.

This multidisciplinary approach brings together government, non-government and not-for-profit organisations. This partnership will develop and implement initiatives addressing five areas to improve work participation:

  • cross sectors
  • employer mobilisation
  • employee awareness
  • rehabilitation services
  • general practitioner (GP) support.

Comcare facilitates recovery at and return to work through our claims management model focusing on greater responsiveness, targeted claims management approaches and outcome focused practices.

Technology is transforming the traditional models of work. Comcare monitors occupational risks and any changes brought about by the changing nature of work across our jurisdiction.

Mental health is one of the key priorities in the Government’s Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022. Comcare contributes to the national conversation in addressing this issue through our membership of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

The Australian Government Regulatory Reform Agenda promotes significant change in regulatory practice across the Australian Public Service. Comcare works with employers, employees and other stakeholders to deliver consistent, risk-based regulation to improve work health safety and rehabilitation outcomes.

Through our risk-based regulatory model, we are extending our proactive regulatory engagement with all entities within our scheme to increase understanding of work health safety and rehabilitation obligations, and targeted regulatory interventions.

Comcare is continually improving the way it operates through:

  • leadership of initiatives to improve injury prevention and claims management approaches
  • people management and building consistency in our leadership cohort
  • improving our information management systems and practices
  • enhancing our change management and communications across our business
  • focusing on stakeholder management.
Page last updated: 17 Jul 2017