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Senate Order for entity contracts

Commonwealth entities report their procurement contracts to comply with the requirements of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. The Senate Order is produced at the conclusion of two reporting periods (period) each year, Financial Year and Calendar Year.

A snapshot of Comcare’s reported contracts, valued at $100,000 or greater, which were active during the relevant period, was compiled for these static reports.

Comcare procurement complaints

To lodge a complaint about any procurement conducted by Comcare, email This includes complaints under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (the Act).

The Act establishes an independent complaint mechanism for government procurement processes. The Act requires the accountable authorities of relevant Commonwealth entities to formally investigate complaints that are made in accordance with the Act, and to suspend procurements during the investigation of a complaint under the Act, unless a public interest certificate is in place. The Act also places obligations on suppliers to take reasonable steps to resolve a complaint with the relevant Commonwealth entity before taking action in the Federal Circuit Court.

For guidance on the Act, refer to Resource Management Guide No: 422 - Handling complaints on the Department of Finance Website.

Page last updated: 16 Oct 2019