About Comcare

Comcare’s operations span a diverse and changing Australian workforce, in a complex environment. Our success is contingent upon anticipating and adapting to change while maintaining our strategic focus and commitment to employees, employers and our stakeholders.

Comcare’s strategic efforts are driven by our outcome—support participation and productivity through healthy and safe workplaces that minimise the impact of harm.

We work with employees and employers to minimise the impact of harm in the workplace, improve recovery at and return to work, and promote the health benefits of work through good work design.

In 2017–18 we expanded our strategic priorities to include driving innovation and better practice to enhance our knowledge of current and emerging trends. This is enabling us to be more strategic and innovative in achieving our outcome. This strategic priority has been outlined in the Comcare Corporate Plan 2018–2022 (published 18 June 2018).

Figure 1: Comcare’s  2017–18 strategic priorities and purposes