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Scheme manager role

Comcare has a range of other functions and powers under the SRC Act that relate to the management of the Comcare scheme. These functions expand across the entire scheme covering premium paying employers and self-insured licensees. These functions comprise:

  • developing, issuing, maintaining and monitoring the legislative and policy framework for the scheme ranging from legislative instruments under the SRC Act to guidance issued for scheme employers on particular provisions
  • collecting, managing and reporting ‘whole-of-scheme’ data and trends
  • working with and supporting the SRCC to manage the entry, monitoring and management of self‑insured licensees and any outsourced claims management provider used by the licensees under the SRC Act—including the setting of annual cost recovered licence fees for participation in the scheme
  • supporting the Seacare Authority to achieve its role and functions under its governing legislation
  • setting and collecting regulatory contributions for employers covered by the SRC Act and the WHS Act (who are not licensees e.g. Australian Government, ADF and ACT Government)
  • advising the Minister on the operation and effectiveness of the SRC Act.