Introductory statement

I, Jennifer Taylor, as the Chief Executive Officer of Comcare, present the 2015–16 annual performance statements of Comcare, as required under paragraph 39(1)(a) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). In my opinion, these annual performance statements are based on properly maintained records, accurately reflect the performance of Comcare, and comply with subsection 39(2) of the PGPA Act .

Commonwealth performance framework

In accordance with the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework, Comcare’s annual performance statements present information about our performance in 2015–16. The annual performance statements combine the performance information from the Comcare 2015–16 Corporate Plan (Corporate Plan) and Portfolio Budget Statements 2015–16 (Portfolio Budget Statements).

Comcare’s annual performance statements replace our previous performance information. Comcare’s annual performance statements should be read in conjunction with the Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statements.

Comcare 2015–16 Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan defines our four business priorities—these four business priorities are our purposes for the 2015–16 reporting period. Comcare’s four purposes are:

  1. Leading insurer—working with employers and employees to minimise harm in workplaces, support return to work and recovery at work, and deliver robust and transparent management of claims.
  2. National regulator—delivering risk-based, cost‑effective and consistent national regulation of workplaces, encouraging compliance to improve health, safety and rehabilitation outcomes through education and appropriate, balanced enforcement.
  3. Excellence in scheme management and design—working with scheme participants to achieve a sustainable, fair and best practice national scheme. We provide expert advice to the Minister for Employment, the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) and the Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority (Seacare Authority), and provide leadership in policy and scheme design.
  4. Efficient and cost-effective corporate management—providing high quality, timely management of corporate services, supporting business innovation and improvement by leading corporate planning and building the capability of our people.

Comcare Portfolio Budget Statements 2015–16

Comcare has one outcome in the Portfolio Budget Statements. Comcare previously reported across three outcomes—we have consolidated the three outcomes into a single outcome with six components.

Figure 4: Comcare’s Portfolio Budget Statements 2015–16

Comcare's Portfolio Budget Statements 2015-16

Performance criteria

Comcare’s Corporate Plan includes 11 key result areas (KRAs) that align with our four purposes. Comcare also has 19 performance criteria across the six components in the Portfolio Budget Statements.

The following table shows the connection between Comcare’s purposes, Portfolio Budget Statements and Corporate Plan.

Table 7: Comcare purposes, Portfolio Budget Statements components and Corporate Plan key result areas 2015–16


Link to Portfolio Budget Statements (component)

Link to Corporate Plan (key result area)

Leading insurer

Component 1.4—Premium Claims

Component 1.5—Pre-premium Claims

Component 1.6—Asbestos Claims

2.  Insurance

National regulator

Component 1.1—Work Health, Safety, and Rehabilitation Regulation

3. Regulation

Excellence in scheme management and design

Component 1.2—Comcare Workers’ Compensation Scheme Management

Component 1.3—SRCC and Seacare Authority Support

1.   Impact on work health and safety

4.   Scheme Management

5.   Recovery at work

6. SRCC and Seacare Authority

Efficient and cost-effective corporate management


7.   Corporate management

8.   Leadership

9.   Risk oversight and management

10. Capability

11. Comcare’s work health and safety performance