Comcare received 586 complaints during 2015–2016 compared to 593 in 2014–15. This represents a 1.2 per cent reduction from the previous financial year.

The three most frequent areas of complaints during the year related to delays (22 per cent), determinations and reconsiderations (17 per cent) and communication (11 per cent).

Despite receiving fewer complaints, the key issues raised were consistent with those raised in previous financial years.

Complaints reporting

In February 2016, Comcare commenced the Claims Management Pilot with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The pilot devolved claims management and decision making responsibilities to officers of ATO and DHS for a 12 month period. Comcare's feedback team has retained responsibility for complaints relating to inclusion in the pilot program. Comcare has received 45 complaints relating to the Claims Management Pilot, which accounts for 7.68 per cent of all complaints received in 2015–16.