Senior management committees

For the purposes of the PGPA Act, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the Accountable Authority of Comcare. The CEO is assisted in her corporate governance functions by Comcare’s Executive team:

  • Deputy CEO
  • Executive General Manager Claims and Liability Management
  • General Manager Regulatory Operations
  • General Manager Scheme Management
  • General Manager Claims Management
  • General Manager Insurance
  • General Manager Corporate Management.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is directly responsible and accountable to the CEO in relation to:

  • statutory obligations—recommending to the CEO or delegates the exercise of their legislative delegations for the administration of Comcare
  • corporate administration—making decisions on policy or actions to be taken with regard to Comcare’s
    • people and culture
    • assets and property
    • information systems and records management
    • compliance issues—including legislative and government policy obligations
    • marketing and communications
    • finance
    • external scrutiny
    • corporate governance, including reports from subsidiary committees
    • external relationships, including the Minister, Department of Employment, Australian Public Service Commission, and Department of Finance.

There are a number of other governance committees that govern specific matters, including

  • People Committee
  • Technology and Information Management Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Finance Committee.

These committees meet regularly and report to the Executive Committee.

Dispute Resolution Committee

The Dispute Resolution Committee’s role is to assess the risks posed by significant disputes and recommend strategies for the management and resolution of disputes arising in connection with the SRC Act and the management of Commonwealth asbestos-related diseases liabilities.