About the Commission

Responsible Minister

The Commission operates within the Employment portfolio. The Minister has the power to give directions  to the Commission about the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers. These directions may include criteria and procedures for the scope  of licences, record keeping and reporting requirements, and related matters.

Role and function

The Commission administers regulatory functions of the SRC Act, other than those functions  attributed to Comcare. The SRC Act establishes the workers’ compensation scheme covering Commonwealth employees, ACT Government employees and the employees of licensed entities.

The Commission has a number of general and specific roles and functions conferred on it by the SRC Act and WHS Act. The role and functions under the SRC Act are to:

  • ensure that, as far as practicable, there is equity of outcomes resulting from administrative practices and procedures used by Comcare and a licensee in the performance of  their respective functions under the SRC Act
  • advise the Minister about anything relating to the operation of the SRC Act or to the Commission’s functions or powers
  • issue guidelines to Comcare or licensees about their powers and functions
  • be the issuing authority and regulator of self-insurance  licences under the SRC Act, including the setting of licence fees
  • provide guidelines on the setting of premiums and a review point (if required) for employers’ premium and  regulatory contribution determinations
  • undertake other functions as conferred on the Commission by any other Act.

Under the WHS Act, the functions of the Commission are to:

  • advise the Minister on the administration of the WHS Act
  • advise and make recommendations to the Minister on the most effective means of giving effect to the objects of the WHS Act
  • enquire into and make recommendations to the Minister on any matter relating to work health and safety referred to the Commission by the Minister
  • provide a forum for consultation between Comcare and persons conducting business or undertakings, workers and the bodies that represent them.

Commission accountabilities

The Commission has an evaluation framework which it uses to provide assurance that it has appropriately discharged its statutory responsibilities. The framework includes an assessment of the outcomes and activities of the Commission against each of its statutory functions at each regular quarterly meeting, with an annual assessment conducted at its June meeting.

The outcomes and activities against each functional category enable the Commission to make an informed assessment of its performance in meeting its regulatory functions as listed above.

At its June 2016 meeting the Commission resolved that it had satisfactorily discharged its statutory responsibilities for the 2015–16 reporting year.

Further evidence that the Commission is meeting its accountabilities, and fulfilling its statutory responsibility, is demonstrated when the Chairperson reports on the outcomes of each regular Commission meeting to the Minister.


The SRC Act provides for the Commission to have 11 members. Following the passage of the Safety, Rehabilitation and  Compensation Amendment (Exit Arrangements) Bill 2015 through parliament on 3  February 2016, the Minister appoints each member (where previously the  Governor-General appointed members). Members other than the Chairperson may appoint a deputy, subject to the Minister’s approval. A member, other than Safe  Work Australia’s CEO, holds office on a part-time basis for a term not longer  than three years, as specified in the instrument of appointment. Members are  eligible for reappointment.
The Commission comprised  the following members during 2015–16:

  • Mr Barry Sherriff, Chairperson
  • Ms Lisa Newman, Deputy National  President, Community and Public Sector Union, member nominated by the  Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
  • Mr Trevor Gauld, State  Secretary, Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union, member nominated by the ACTU
  • Mr Michael Borowick, Assistant  Secretary, member nominated by the ACTU
  • Mr Dominic Andreacchio,  representing licensees
  • Mr Steve Kibble, Group Manager, Work Health and Safety Policy Group, Department of Employment, representing the Commonwealth and Commonwealth authorities
  • Ms Michelle Baxter, CEO of Safe Work Australia
  • VADM Ray Griggs AO CSC RAN, Vice Chief of the Defence Force, representing the interests of members and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • Ms Catherine Hudson, representing the interests of the ACT public sector employers;
  • Mr Stephen Somogyi, Executive Advisor to the Vice Chancellor, RMIT University, member with qualifications or experience relevant to the Commission’s functions, or the exercise of its powers
  • Ms Andrea Shaw, Director, Shaw Ideas, member with qualifications and experience relevant to the Commission’s functions, or the exercise of its powers (appointment ceased on 15 August  2015).

Operations of the Commission

The Commission meets on a quarterly basis with additional meetings held as required. Five members constitute a quorum, as long as the following members are present:

  • at least one member nominated by the ACTU
  • the member representing licensees
  • the member representing the Commonwealth and Commonwealth authorities.

The Commission held six meetings in 2015–16 on 21 July 2015, 24–25 September 2015, 13 November 2015, 9 December 2015, 9 March 2016 and 14–15 June 2016. Details of attendance at Commission meetings during 2015–16 are shown in Table 25.

Table 25: Commission meeting  attendance

Commissioners Eligible to attend Attended Attended by deputy
Barry Sherriff 6 6 n/a
Trevor Gauld 6 6
Lisa Newman 6 4
Stephen Somogyi 6 5
VADM Ray Griggs 6 5 1
Michelle Baxter 6 5 1
Dominic Andreacchio 6 6
Michael Borowick 6 5
Andrea Shaw 1 1
Catherine Hudson 6 6
Steve Kibble 6 6

During 2015–16 the following deputies attended Commission meetings:

  • AVM Anthony Needham, deputy to VADM Ray Griggs
  • Ms Amanda Grey, deputy to Michelle Baxter.

The following sub-committees operated during the reporting year:

Reviewing the Regulation of Self-Insured Licensees sub-committee

Purpose: To consider options for change that will most effectively meet the regulatory objectives and statutory powers of the Commission without unnecessary regulatory burden.

Throughout the reporting period the sub-committee concluded a review of the Commission’s regulatory model. In consultation with licensee representatives, affiliated unions and other relevant stakeholders, the sub-committee developed a new regulatory model which was endorsed at the Commission’s June 2016 meeting, for implementation from 1 July 2016.

Members: Chairperson Barry Sherriff and Commissioners Dominic Andreacchio, Trevor Gauld, Steve Kibble and Andrea Shaw.

Premiums and Regulatory Contributions Review sub-committee

Purpose: To review Comcare determination of premium or regulatory contributions. In the reporting period, the Commission also directed this sub-committee to review the Commission’s Premium Determination Guidelines.

In 2015–16 the sub-committee reviewed one premium. The sub-committee reviewed and updated the Premium Determination Guidelines, which were endorsed at the Commission’s June 2016 meeting. These guidelines will be registered, and take effect, in 2016–17.

Members: Chairperson Barry Sherriff and Commissioners Steve Kibble and Steve Somogyi.


The Commission has the powers and functions to make a wide range of decisions under the SRC Act and the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations and Directions 2002 and other legislative instruments. Commission decisions of an administrative character are subject to judicial review.

Specific reporting requirements

The Commission is subject to specific annual reporting requirements under the SRC Act and Directions to include particulars of:

  • Directions given by the Minister
  • Guidelines issued by the Commission
  • the operations of each licensee
  • records required to be kept in relation to licensees under the Directions.

Directions and guidelines

Under section 89S of the SRC Act the Commission is required to provide a report to the Minister to give to Parliament on its activities for each financial year. Among other things, the report must include particulars of any Directions given by the Minister under section 89D and any Guidelines issued by the Commission under section 73A  of the SRC Act.

The Minister issued no Directions to the Commission under the SRC Act during 2015–16.

The Commission issued no Guidelines under section 73A of the SRC Act during 2015–16.