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About our program

Job placements

Over the 12-month program, graduates will undertake a minimum of two placements during the Graduate Program. The objective of the system of placements is to allow graduates to experience Comcare's business through on-the-job learning in different work areas. The placements are based on graduate skills and abilities as well as the requirements of the business area.

Learning and Development Program

Participants participating in Comcare's Graduate Program will attend a range of workshops, seminars and training activities. The learning and development program may include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Presentation Skills
  • APS decision making
  • Working in teams
  • Developing Policy
  • APS Decision Making
  • Influencing Up
  • APS Briefing and Responding
  • Stakeholders and Communication
  • Change and Resilience
  • Progressing your APS Career
  • Structuring Work
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management.

Graduates are involved in other activities including a 'corporate project'. Graduates will work collaboratively to address a current strategic challenge facing Comcare. Graduates will research the challenge, develop recommendations to address it and provide a written report and presentation discussing their findings with Comcare's Executive.

Support Networks

Comcare's graduates are provided with a number of support networks during the Graduate Program.

Mentors and buddies

Graduates will be allocated a buddy, a former graduate, who will be a friendly face during your first few months and be on hand to ask those 'settling in' questions.

In addition to buddies, each graduate maybe allocated a Mentor. Mentors are a member of Comcare's Executive and provide support and guidance.

Graduate Coordinator

Comcare's Graduate Coordinator will provide on the ground support from relocating, your first day and your learning and development program to the completion of the program and graduation day.

Page last updated: 13 Sep 2019