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Who better to give you an idea of what the Graduate Program at Comcare is like than hearing it directly from our previous graduates:

Ruby James
Degree: Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology

Ruby's graduate experience

If you have come, or are approaching the end of your studies and trying to decide what’s next for you, I strongly suggest that you consider Comcare’s Graduate Program as a stepping stone to your career.

As an insight to my own experience, I studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology. At the end of my studies, I felt that I was ready for new challenges and due to the interesting and meaningful work it does within the public sector and community, Comcare was my employer of choice.

Over the course of my graduate program, I obtained many different experiences, where I had the chance to learn and develop new skills. Some of my experiences included working in a helpdesk role, where I helped internal and external stakeholders to resolve technical issues; meeting senior staff from across the APS while assisting in the coordination of Inter Departmental Forums; and working in the Communications team where I was developing promotional materials, articles and undertaking projects.

I find the culture within Comcare excellent and have been pleased to work in teams where my managers and workmates are supportive and engaged in the work that they do. At Comcare, you know that the contributions you make towards work health and safety or rehabilitation are making a real difference to people.

Lauren Armstrong
Degree: Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

Lauren’s graduate experience

During Comcare’s Graduate Program, I rotated through three different teams within the four of Comcare’s groups. The three rotations provided me with a range of knowledge and experience undertaking work that was relevant to my university qualifications and career interests. My graduate year provided me with an understanding of Comcare as well as the wider Australian Public Service. As Comcare is an agency that has a small intake of graduates, we were able to work closely with senior executive staff who were focused on and interested in our professional development.

As part of Comcare’s Graduate Program, we participated in the Australian Public Service Commission’s (APSC) Graduate Development Program. This involved completing a major project on Early Intervention and attending a number of workshops at the APSC. Throughout the process of completing the major project, we were provided with multiple opportunities to liaise and network with Comcare employees as well as Comcare’s external stakeholders. Once the major project was finalised, it was passed on to an internal Comcare team who continued to work on and progress our recommendations.

At the start of Comcare’s Graduate Program, I met my fellow 2016 Comcare graduate cohort as well as Comcare graduates from previous years. Through the APSC’s Graduate Development Program, we also met graduates from other agencies and departments. Being able to meet and network with other graduates made the transition from interstate easier and improved the overall enjoyment of my graduate year. The Social Network of Graduates also run events throughout the year which is another fun way to get involved and make the most of your graduate experience.

Participating in Comcare’s Graduate Program is a great way to start your career in the Australian Public Service.

Adrian Hearne
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Mathematics), Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Adrian’s graduate experience

I joined the Comcare graduate program in the year after I completed my bachelor degrees.  I was placed in three different teams through the course of the year . These different placements  exposed me to the breadth of Comcare’s SRC Act-related operations. They have assisted me in my current position, and expanded my understanding of Comcare and the Australian public service.

Comcare’s graduates undertook a variety of activities, chief among which was the Diploma of Government course run by the Public Service Commission. This course consisted of many seminars on topics related to the public service, and a Major Project on an area relevant to Comcare. This course was a good way to obtain a Diploma of Government certificate. We attended many seminars and other events organised Public Service Commission for all of the graduates in the various public service agencies.

I enjoyed my graduate year. The people at Comcare are friendly and eager to assist newcomers. The special status of graduates allowed us to meet and work with senior people in the organisation, and to work across a broad range of topics.

Page last updated: 20 Sep 2017